VCM Sports Bottle by KEEGO - Limited Edition

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The KEEGO sports bottle in VCM look is the perfect choice for all runners who want to drink taste-neutral and plastic-free during training and set an example for sustainability.

Perfect for your health-conscious preparation for the Vienna City Marathon.

The advantages of the VCM Drink Bottle by KEEGO are manifold and convincing:

- Pure titanium inside:
The material ensures that the drink remains clean and free of harmful substances. At the same time, it retains its natural taste and stays fresh longer.

- BPA and BPS free:
The bottle contains no plasticizers or microplastics, which means the drink is not affected.

- Titanium prevents mold growth:
The material ensures that bacteria cannot grow in the bottle, keeping the drink hygienic.

- Easy cleaning:
The cap can be easily disassembled and cleaned, keeping the bottle hygienic.

- Durable and sustainable:
The durable material ensures that the bottle lasts long and does not need to be replaced quickly.

- Lightweight (86g) and squeezability:
Allows the bottle to be carried around easily and conveniently.

- Extra grip:
The grippy outer shell allows easy squeezing and optimal grip.

- Easy to drink:
The leak-proof valve opens only when the bottle is squeezed, allowing for one-handed and sporty drinking.



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- 750 ml capacity
- 86 g light
- High-quality laser engraving in VCM-CI
- also fits perfectly in a bicycle bottle cage
- Dimensions: Height: approx. 24cm, width: 6 cm at the bottom and 7 cm at the top
- pure titanium inside
- Titanium prevents mold growth
- Titanium preserves the taste and keeps the drink fresh
- No BPA, BPS, plasticizers, or microplastics in your drink
- Easy to clean
- Durable and sustainable

VCM Trinkflasche by Keego
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